deer antler sprayBy now we have all heard about the top deer antler spray and the amazing effects and benefits that this supplement can produce. The problem can be actually deciding upon which one of the hundreds of products hitting the market (seems to be another coming out nearly every week now!) will work best for your situation. With this in mind, we have listed out a few tips and considerations to keep in mind when choosing your personal deer antler supplement.


Read Deer Antler Spray Labels:

deer antler spray resultsThe first tip is to read the label. Look and see what the manufacturer is actually including in the supplement. Most manufacturers will list their main formulation as a proprietary blend, which is fine. They are trying to keep their actual formula a secret so that it cannot be easily copied by others. The best types of these supplements will also include Niacin (as Niacinamide) since this has been shown to help potentiate the effects and actions of the deer antler. Also take a look at any additional items included in their formulation and see what you think about them.

Deer Antler Velvet Sourcing:

Many manufacturers and companies simply do not care enough to really pay attention to the quality of their deer antler velvet. This can be seen in how they source. The best and highest quality deer antler velvet (by far) comes from New Zealand. Any company that does not source their main ingredient from New Zealand, or does not mention their sourcing at all, is highly likely to use an inferior source of supply; stay away.

Money Back Guarantee:

Focus only on those companies and manufacturers that give you either a guarantee or trial offer. While this should be able to work for just about anyone, it is important to find a company that stands behind their product. A 30-day guarantee is great, but a 90-day guarantee is even better. You can also look online to see reviews on the company you are considering. is who we recommend.

Deer Antler Spray for Sale Recommendation:

deer antler sprayGiven all of the tips and guidelines listed above, there is only one source we currently recommend. For the highest quality deer antler spray for sale, use BioAntler today. Not only do they have several packages available, each one comes with a full 90-day total satisfaction guarantee. Buy BioAntler deer antler spray and let us know how it has helped you!

Does Deer Antler Spray Work?

deer antler sprayWe have all heard the stories from both sides. Many people have supposedly used deer antler spray to great effect. Then the scientific community wants to weigh in and say that this supplement will not have the desired effects, or that it is too early to say and more research is needed. Then, we see a number of sports leagues and committees banning the use of the active ingredients found within this supplement. The bottom line is still whether or not the supplement actually works.

Thousands Of Positive Reviews:

antler sprayOn the one hand, look anywhere you like on the internet and you will find literally thousands of positive reviews for deer antler spray. These mention everything from the user being able to add a pound or two of solid muscle to improving their strength to actually healing and recovering faster. There are even a number of health claims like improved circulation and lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Surely, these cannot all be fake; there must be some truth to them?

Insulin-Like Growth Factor IGF-1:

The main ingredient that is included in deer antler spray is something known as insulin-like growth factor. This is very similar to human growth hormone and insulin (it is actually somewhat of a cross between both of these powerful growth factors). This is reportedly able to enhance many bodily functions and processes such as speeding up the metabolism and enhancing tissue repair. In fact, the added IGF that this supplement provides could have the potential to offer many additional benefits.

Solid, Long-Term History:

Deer antler has been in use for thousands of years. The ancient (and even modern) Chinese have used this substance for a variety of reasons including extra help with healing and wound repair. It is only quite recently that modern science has discovered this, but that certainly does not make it any less valuable.

Deer Antler Supplement Conclusion:

Deer antler spray is something that has indeed worked for a lot of people already. Despite what the naysayers believe, there does seem to be a significant number of benefits such as increased strength, added muscle building, enhanced tissue repair and recovery, and rapid healing. Of course, individual results may vary, so the best way to decide for yourself may just be to go ahead and try it out.

antler vlevetWhat is Deer Antler Spray?

You have probably heard the rumors about deer antler spray. This is supposed to be a magic elixir that can give almost any man improved sexual function, the ability to pack on muscle like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, and will help you recover from injuries like a world champion football player. But, what is the truth? What is deer antler spray and what can it actually do for you?

Deer Antler Spray Explained:

This is supplement that actually comes from the ground up velvet portion of the male deer antler. This has actually had a long tradition of medicinal use in Eastern medicine as a general and sexual tonic for men. This compound actually contains some amount of an element known as Insulin-like Growth Factor. This is often abbreviated as IGF or IGF-1. That is a stepping stone that leads to the increased production of other hormones like HGH (human growth hormone) and even testosterone. Since all of these are normally helpful in muscle building and a variety of sexual processes, many people have been interested in learning the secrets of BioAntler.

Helpful For All Types of Activities:

The bottom line is that this supplement can really be helpful in a number of different of different capacities. Someone who is an athlete or engaged in a lot of physical activities will benefit from seeing an increase capacity to perform work. This can lead to added muscle mass and strength. In some cases, this could be an added benefit as far as speeding up their recovery ability is concerned.

There is even a lot of evidence to suggest that BioAntler can be helpful for those simply looking to achieve better health. The immune system may be improved on a general basis (which can contribute to the faster recovery and healing). You may also notice a reduction in the swelling, inflammation, and pain of bones and joints. Brain function may even be improved.

Best Form of Deer Antler Spray:

This brings up the question of what is the best formulation of deer antler spray. BioAntler allows users to take a quick hit whenever it is needed. The compound is absorbed and hits the bloodstream almost immediately. This makes it very effective and it goes to work quickly.


The Best Deer Antler Spray

Did you know that there is a supplement right now being used by professional athletes, body builders, and just about anyone in the know to give themselves an edge? The really cool part is that you can use this supplement as well. The best deer antler spray can actually give you tons of benefits like stimulating testosterone production, increasing lean muscle tissue growth, and so much more. Here’s why this can help you…

deer antler sprayBenefits of Deer Antler Spray:

Deer antler spray has been around for quite a while, especially in Eastern medicine. This supplement includes small amounts of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) which is primarily responsible for its amazing benefits.

As the body takes in more IGF-1 testosterone production is thought to be stimulated. This results in the body being able to build more lean muscle mass in a very fast period of time. It can also dramatically improve recovery ability, which is why some athletes have been using this supplement to help them heal after injuries. Of course, workouts and athletic performance is improved and enhanced.

Using Deer Antler Spray:

The best way to use Deer Antler Spray is not like a normal pill or tablet. Rather, you would want to take this in a liquid form. From there, ingesting it sublingually, or under the tongue, is the most effective method. This allows it to be absorbed directly into your blood stream without going through the digestive system (normal digestion might even destroy much of the potential).

You will want to take Deer Antler Spray about 30 to 45 minutes before your workout. This should give your muscles an amazing pump and you will even feel stronger almost right away. It will even raise energy levels and also improves recovery, so you will want to get back into the gym again.

The Best Deer Antler Spray:

The best Deer Antler Spray is a product called BioAntler. This natural supplement is an anabolic hormone that will help you to stimulate your testosterone production and protein synthesis. Essentially, this product does the same things that steroids promise, except in an all-natural fashion. Best of all, since this is a spray, you don’t need to worry about taking the product underneath your tongue. The spray allows it to become absorbed more easily through your sinus membranes, getting it directly into your bloodstream.

Does Deer Antler Spray Work?

Ever since people heard about some high profile athletes using (or allegedly using) deer antler spray to help them return to their games after injury or just use this powerful supplement for performance enhancement it seems that everyone is interested in learning more. The biggest question on the lips now is does deer antler spray work? There is certainly a growing body of evidence along with a number of user testimonials and reports to suggest that indeed it does.

Anti-Aging Benefits:

One of the more striking claims made by some deer antler users is that this supplement might be helpful in terms of anti-aging. The evidence does suggest that this compound can indeed improve joint an bone health, especially among those suffering with pain in these areas. The glucosamine and chondrotin found with deer antler are well-known anti inflammatory items. That can certainly make anyone feel younger and healthier.

Body Building Benefits:

Perhaps the main reason most people initially turn to something like BioAntler (one of the most effective forms of deer antler spray) is to help them add muscle and strength. Indeed, this product actually works very similarly to a natural steroid. It raises insulin (IGF-1) and HGH levels along with stimulating natural testosterone production. This helps the body to be more efficient in terms of producing more muscle cells, leading to more lean mass and increased strength.

In addition to these direct benefits, users also experience a number of related effects. Many people end up being able to recover quicker and heal faster. This is why many of the professional athletes using this supplement were able to return to their sport faster. Not only that, but evidence also suggests that there may be a direct effect on improving the overall immune system, keeping you healthier in general. There is even some evidence to suggest this product can help lead to improved brain functioning, although more research is needed here.

deer antler spray weight lossHelps With Weight Loss:

Many of these benefits can even be translated into an improved weight loss effect. This will naturally lead to an increased energy level, helping you to power through your day even under restricted calories. Of course, you will need to still watch what you eat, but the increased levels of hormones like insulin, HGH, and even testosterone actually make your body a much more efficient fat burning machine.

deer antler sprayDoes Deer Antler Spray Build Muscle?

Muscle building seems to be something that every guy is searching for. Those of us who found it easy to build muscle and add strength were consider to have blessed genetics as compared with the typical ‘hard gainer.’ Today, however, it seems like there might be a natural supplement which can help to even out the score and allow even average men to build strong and muscular physiques. That supplement is known as deer antler spray.

How Deer Antler Spray Works:

Deer antler spray is processed by first taking the velveteen lining of the male deer antler. This is then ground up into a powder and then processed into a spray. The spray form is most beneficial because it allows all the important ingredients to be absorbed instantly by the mucus membranes in your sinuses. If this were simply developed into a pill chances are very high the rigors of the digestive process would most likely destroy any positive benefits.

Another interesting and often overlooked fact about this compound is that it has been in use for a very long time. Eastern cultures have been using deer antler powders and tinctures for nearly 2,000 years as one form of medicine or another. Of course, it has only been within the last decade or so that the modern consumer has become aware of deer antler spray.

Why Deer Antler Spray Builds Muscle:

The main effective ingredient that deer antler spray contains is something known as IGF-1, or Insulin-like growth factor. If you think of all the amazing things insulin can do, than you are pretty much on target with deer antler. This is thought to certainly increase and stimulate the natural production of testosterone within the body. Also, an increased amount of human growth hormone (HGH) is also produced. Both of these (and other) hormones work together to put the body into an almost perfect state for muscle building.

The body will become more metabolically active. That simply means that now muscle cells will be divided much quicker than before. The result is more muscle cells which leads to bigger muscles (more tissue equals bigger muscles). Since the muscles are now bigger, they will also be stronger. Not only that, but a host of other beneficial effects occur. The human body is able to recover faster and heal more fully. Cholesterol and blood pressure are lowered. You will even feel better as the overall immune system is improved.

Deer Antler Spray Reviewed


deer antler spray resultsYou may have already have heard about deer antler spray. Perhaps you have seen some of those professional athletes that have successfully used this supplement in order to return to competition from a serious injury. This has definitely contributed to its growing popularity level. However there are also a tremendous amount of benefits associated with this product. Some of these include increased lean muscle, a higher level of endurance, and improved strength.

Increased Lean Muscle Mass:

The main reason that deer antler spray is able to help you increase your lean muscle mass is that it stimulates the production of testosterone. The supplement is really a a form of insulin, called IGF-1. As this level increases, your HGH levels will expand as well. What this really does is to increase the rate at which your muscle cells divide. As they divide, they also grow larger, helping to increase your muscle size.

Higher Endurance Level:

Actually, there is a lot going on with deer antler supplements like BioAntler. The fact of the matter is that this actually improves the overall immune system. Your body is not only able to function at a higher endurance level, but it also is able to recover from injuries much faster. The digestive system efficiency is improved in many cases, as well. Some people may even see reductions in overall blood cholesterol levels and even lowered blood pressure. You will sleep better and have an easier time relaxing and feeling more calm and tranquil.

Increased Strength:

Added strength should be an obvious benefit of deer antler spray. After all, modern science has known since the 1960′s that a larger muscle is also a stronger muscle. Therefore, as long as you continue training while using your deer antler spray, this should result in some strength increases. Just make sure to take BioAntler about 30-45 minutes before your normal workout and then train hard.

Sexual Benefits of Deer Antler Spray:

Even for those men who do not suffer from any type of sexual disorder, the natural increase in IGF-1 and HGH can also lead to improved sex drive and performance. The best part is that all of this happens naturally. Others have reported that this supplement seems to have healed them of whatever sexual problem might have been there at first. In other words, by taking BioAntler, it is quite possible for you to feel like a completely new man.